iFHP CEO Forum
30 June–3 July 2015
Zurich & Davos

Dear Colleagues

Our CEO Forum 2015 is being held in Switzerland, at the invitation of our colleague Daniel Schmutz, CEO of Helsana, Switzerland’s health insurance market leader. We will start by spending a night and a day in the ancient and beautiful city of Zurich now the heart of the country’s world famous financial industry before moving up in to the breathtaking Swiss Alps, for two nights in Davos.

At 1,500 metres above sea level, and with a permanent population of over 11,000, Davos has been called the highest city in Europe. Surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery (which you will experience, accompanied by a mountain-top dinner) it is also one of Switzerland’s most important ski resorts, and of course renowned for hosting the annual meeting of the international business elite, the World Economic Summit.

This two-centre plan presents some logistical challenges, but ones which we are confident that our local organisers and hosts will easily overcome.

As a nation Switzerland dates from the establishment of the Swiss Confederation in 1291. Despite the apparent disadvantage of four separate official languages, this is a country whose success is envied around the world, not least for its fierce independence and historic “armed neutrality”, having not found itself at war since 1815. Switzerland has wisely remained outside the European Union and the Euro, and its economy has continued to power ahead. Indeed, its central bank offers negative interest rates to deter inward investment in the Franc. The Swiss people enjoy among the highest living standards and life expectancy anywhere. Their health service is run by the Cantonal authorities independently of central government: while it may be one of the more expensive in the OECD, it is considered to be one of the best.

Our CEO Forum will seek to analyse how the Swiss are so successful as a nation, and examine in some depth their health system and the role of health insurance. Thanks to huge assistance from Helsana, discussions around a central theme Customer Centric Healthcare will be led by a team of distinguished experts from inside and outside the world of our industry, including senior representatives of Switzerland’s largest corporations.

Space will be limited: we are not alone in wanting to be in Switzerland in summer: please register soon so we do not have to disappoint

PLEASE NOTE: this event is open to paid-up IFHP members only

iFHP CEO Forum