Conference Theme:
Customer-Centric Healthcare

Speakers and discussion leaders will include:

Romana Abdin
CEO Simply Health UK

Tony Barrueta
SVP Government Relations, Kaiser Permanente

Greg Behar
CEO Nestle Health Science

Dr Sarvi Eastell
Founder of

Dr Lukas Engelberger
Head of Public Health Department, Canton of Basel-Stadt

Pam Garside
Cambridge Health Network, UK

Bruno Gehrig
President of Swiss National Airlines

Prof Dr Gerd Gigerenzer
Author and Director of the Max Planck Institute, Berlin

Dr Nicolaus Henke
Director of Global Health Systems, McKinsey & Co

Tim Kelsey
National Director for Patients and Information, NHS England

Michel M Liès
CEO Swiss Re

Daniel Schmutz
CEO, Helsana

Dr Gerhard Schwarz
Deputy Director of Neue Zurcher Zeitung and Director, Avenir Suisse

Otto Schwarz
Chief Operating Officer, EVP, Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd

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